Get to know us

Get to know us



B.YOU was born in Cordoba, the cradle of Spanish jewelry, thanks to Marina, a woman whose education and way of life has been influenced by this sector for as long as she can remember, as she comes from a third generation of jewelers. And José Daniel, characterized by having a lot of initiative, vision and ambition in all aspects of his life, three characteristics that make him a born entrepreneur.

 This couple met under the halo of the most incredible chance. Without searching they found each other, becoming each other. From the moment of their union, they have not stopped creating at a sentimental level, but also at a professional level, giving life to a new great project called: “B.YOU”, a project that does not stop bringing out the best version of themselves, filling their days with illusion, improvement and quality; and that now, with all the desire and love in the world, they want to share with you.

our essence

It seems incredible what I am going to tell you now, and even more so when it comes to jewelry that at first glance is just a “material good”; but any earring, any ring or any pendant, speaks a lot about your personality, feelings and mood at that moment.

One of the main objectives of “B.YOU” is that each person chooses and wears the jewelry that best suits their personality, that they feel it as a complement that accompanies them every day, and that makes them look more beautiful, thus bringing out a more empowered version of themselves.

We do not feel the same every day, but there will be a jewel that accompanies you at every moment. You only have to try it to realize this great truth that we want to transmit to you.


Our Little Jewels

All our jewels are made in Cordoba, Spain. Handcrafted, piece by piece with great care and enthusiasm. The gold we work with is 9 karat gold.

Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of our philosophy. Transparency in the procurement of our raw materials is a key factor for us. Our gold is backed by a “responsible gold certificate”, which means that it is not obtained from mines, as this process is highly polluting, but is recycled.